Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty Good Week

The spring-like weather this week caught me completely off guard, like finding a $100 bill hidden under the cushion of the couch. Allie and I spent Wednesday evening at Heritage Park while we waited for Em to finish dance. We explored and played tag and hide-n-go seek and other outdoor games. A very good time. Bill and I rode three nights this week, mainly on the dirt roads around the house.

I had no intention to ride the trails since it is still early and I know we're not suppose to ride on them until they are completely thawed. The Murray Lake trail runs along the dirt road we were on and Bill pointed out it was dry. We went to get a closer look; it was perfect so we rode the trail system for a bit.

Oh yeah, I got a new bike to go with my XTR pedals. Well, not exactly new but a used ’09 Tomac Type-X carbon fiber hardtail. And not just used but raced by the Kenda/Tomac pro team for a season, which works out to about 7 seasons in human years. Its brutal past doesn’t discourage me in the least, I can see past all that. It is an amazing bike, much nicer than I deserve. 2.4 lb. high modulus carbon fiber frame, XTR components, 1298 gram Manitou R7 Carbon fork, 1340 gram Sun-Ringle Black Flag disc wheel set, Hayes Gram disc brakes...just thinking about it is making the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

In previous posts I quietly complained about my ghetto bike, as if somehow it was the reason for my mediocre results. I know it wasn't but I didn't want to take responsibility for myself. My new bike is so incredible, such a high-end bike that I have no excuses. Period. But, it only has 26" wheels, I mean, if it were a 29er I am sure I could post some pretty impressive results.

After Bill bought his 29er earlier this winter, he parted out his XTC to sell off the parts individually. He text’d me and said it was like killing his friend. I responded that the 29er was a better bike and basically to just get over it. I think I somehow likened it to reincarnation but I tend to get philosophical and ambiguous about everything; I don't even know what I am talking about half the time. I can’t seem to bring myself to part out my ghetto bike, it's like killing a friend. Despite my tendency to favor the left side of my brain, I constantly disregard my rational decisions in favor of emotional ones. This bites me in the ass quite often actually.


  1. Awesome new bike! It may have 26 inch wheels, but they are really nice ones! :)

  2. Thank you Lindsay. You know in the movie American Beauty, where Carolyn Burnham says: "uh, whose car is that out front?" and Lester Burnham replies: "Mine, 1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I've always wanted and now I have it. I rule."? Well, that's me.

  3. How the heck did you get a bike from a pro team?

  4. Oh yeah, I remember your husband got you the same wheelset, and since Adam works at a bike shop, I know my wheels are sweet. I rule.

  5. I understand that feeling of ... killing a friend. Glen wants to do that or sell the whole 26" bike. I would almost rather have it reincarnated.

  6. Brad,
    The Kenda team manager lives by me. He has a large Tomac frame left if you are interested.
    Email me and I can give you the details.

  7. Ali,
    Sometimes our old geared bikes are reincarnated as our new single speeds. Just say'n...

  8. That bike looks so fun!! How much does it weigh all together?

    That is so weird that the team manager lives near you, but that team is based out of NC? I raced against those girls last year. I think there were 2 girls on that team, one of them had an obscure name like Phillica or something like that (and that's why I remember haha.) Tell that team manager he should make a midwest team since he lives in the Midwest, and we can show the world how the Midwest can throw it dowwwwnnnn.

    Have a fun beginning of spring!!!

  9. 20.5 lbs. Sweet, right?

    Danielle Musto (from Michigan) raced for them last year. They race Salsas instead of Tomacs this year. I think they raced Titus before the Tomacs. I have no idea how sponsorships work (something I will never need to worry about) but I can give you his email if you want.

    I have the bike from one of the girls. Not Danielle's because there is nothing left after a season of 24 hour races.

  10. 20.5 lbs?!??! That is totally awesome!!!

    Oh, there must be multiple similar teams...I think I am thinking of this team:

    But that is so cool!!! I think I know which team we are talking about now..., in the past they had red kits, I knew about them when they had Titus sponsoring them.

    Sure, I would love to talk to him...I have no idea how to approach these types of things though, what am I supposed to say? Haha...dang...I need a coach who coaches me on how to get on teams.

  11. Emily,
    I'll send you Dave's email and my 2 cents when I get home. Here is the team:

    I thought they were racing Salsas this year since Danielle was racing for Salsa, but apparently the Kenda team now races Felts. I think there is a basis for an excellent soap opra somewhere in all this.

  12. My SS is so Picasso PERFECT without taking hand-me-downs from the geared bike. Just say'n.. :) Ok, not perfect, but just so beautiful to me.