Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Favorite Blogs

Emilie has dance practice tonight, Allison doesn't. Allie and I alternate between Starbucks and Jungle Java on Wednesday nights while we wait for Em. As I was signing in at Jungle Java, Allie saw a friend and suggested I get my computer from the truck. This was her sweet way of saying she would rather play with her friend. I spend a lot of time drinking coffee and waiting.

I cannot think of anything to post tonight so I decided to add a gadget that lists my favorite blogs. I have been reading blogs for about a year now and still feel a little creepy reading other people's blogs, like riding a bike at night and looking into the lit up picture windows of houses as you pass. I am going to take this one step further and comment on my favorite blogs. I don't even know if this is socially appropriate but I really do follow some cool blogs so I thought I would share. I suspect that most of these authors don't read my blog; I don't take it personally.

Morocity was the first blog I ever read. I started mine right after reading it. Di does a good job using pictures and crossing t's and dotting i's. She is a motivated girl.

CBGD is an insightful blog. Bob is living with this very sad, degenerative disease and his observations about losing the ability to do things we all take for granted causes me to whine much less than I normally would.

I like The Loneliness of a Part Time Runner because the author lives in Whales and, other than his use of some verbiage, he seems like a typical American endurance athlete. He is thinking about doing some crazy ass 60 mile running race through mountains this summer.

Surly Girl and MTB Vegan race bikes but they also seem to have such a good time with the social part of bicycling. creATE and athlEAT focus on cooking healthy. Even though I don't really cook, I do like to read about it. Podium Quest and Living the Dream are expert racers that I don't really know but I have probably seen at local races. They each have a killer bike collection.

Trainin' on a Prayer and Adventures and Excursions both live in Indiana and I believe they ride together. They are so young and so gosh darn chipper. I wish I took cycling as serious as they do when I was their age. Damn I would be fast.

The Sometimes Almost Fictional Life of Penny just cracks me up. She is a real writer from Ann Arbor. Lauren is a real writer too. You can just tell.

Danielle Musto, Dirty Picasso Ride, and BG Phone Home are the three best blogs in Michigan. They are all from the Grand Rapids area. Must be something in the water there. Single Track Chronicles is from the West side too, he is a regular guy, very refreshing.

Crossy...very cool.

Mary Sunshine...very motivated.

Breaking on the Wheel, one of my favorites. Matt works very hard to train without taking time away from his kids. And all his pictures are incredible because he lives in Colorado and you can't take a bad picture in Colorado.

Coyote Rolling. Wow. Smart and dark. Sometimes smart and really funny. Never know what you will get when you click on this blog.

And those are my nominations for blog of the year. Thank you.


  1. Emily is young, but I, I am registered for the 30-34 class at Iceman. That was a bit of a shock when my confirmation screen came up.

  2. Lol...I was guessing you were in your early 20's but are 29...that is so young.

  3. thanks for the shout out...I don't think that's socially innapropriate at all.
    I started my blog because I like the convenience (posting photos, etc)...I found myself narrating rides/races in my head & decided to take it a step further & blog it. Everything else came naturally...started posting more than just race reports/ruminations, now it's the closest I've come to keeping a journal in years.
    anyway...truly appreciate it & will certainly check out some of your faves. I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I like it...quite simply, it feels like an honest, down-to-earth, often wry & easy read.
    keep it up :)

  4. Thanks Kim, but I had to look up "wry" in the dictionary. See, that's the problem when engineers who avoided english classes try to blog.

  5. Thanks for including me. I read a lot of the same blogs, but there are some new ones in your post I haven't seen yet. Thanks - more ways to kill time at work.

  6. Star Bomb and the Friday dog posts are pure genius Laura.

  7. Oh, and thank you for your kind comments!

  8. Shoot, whales are in the Atlantic, Wales is across the Atlantic. I am guessing you are from Wales. Blame my mistake on the broken American public education system. I need a better editor.