Saturday, March 6, 2010

XTR Birthday

Cindy got me a beautiful set of XTR pedals for my birthday. Things have been a little...tense between us this year. I have this uneasy feeling whenever we are together that she is going to take a baseball bat to my head so the pedals were a nice surprise. I am not really a new XTR kind of person, I am more of a very used off ebay vintage XT person. It was nice getting parts that didn't need to be re-built, re-packed, and re-engineered. I saved another 25 grams.


  1. Happy Birthday... didn't know what you might want from ebay so I sent you some sunshine in stead...I hope it gets there on time.

  2. Well thank you. It is beautiful out and nothing is more important in Michigan than combating sunlight deficit disorder.