Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just finished a fast lap at Murray Lake. 35:06. No one understands better than me just how relative "fast" is but still, I am...encouraged. I am only about 1:30 off my best peak mid-season time and the trail is still soft and I just finished a very lack luster training block. I'm baffled. Must be the 200 grams my new bike saved.

I spent the morning moving things from our house to a storage unit. Nothing like moving, one by one, everything you own to cause you to reflect on life, your future, and how you accumulated so much shit. Before I would pack anything and drag it over to storage, I gave serious consideration to weather or not I could live without it. As it turns out, most of what I have I can live without.

The bike stuff will stay at the house until the day we move; I have little problem holding on to anything bike related. I reluctantly kept holiday decorations. Holidays will come around and this stuff will serve a purpose. Sort of. I considered furniture and house hold items we aren't currently using. I held on to these even more reluctantly than I did the holiday decorations. Finally there were photographs and things the girls made. These are the only things we own that I can't live without.

I recently filled out some paperwork that showed the value of all my assets. Funny, the only assets I can't live without have no apparent value.