Monday, January 17, 2011

Deciding What To Keep

I am taking a more methodical approach to training this winter than I have in the past. I'm even experimenting with drinks and gels in an effort to find a way to consume 50 grams of carbohydrate in an hour while riding very close to my lactate threshold without getting sick. I don't think I can. My best bet seems to be vanilla bean gu. I like vanilla bean gu. I swear I could put that stuff on my morning bagel.

About 10 years ago I coaxed Denny into mountain biking. He wasn't looking so good towards the end of our first ride so I gave him a gu: "These are great Den, just squeeze it in your mouth, take a gulp of water, and hang on," like somehow it would magically propel him up the hill.

It didn't propel him up the hill but he stuck with the sport, and he has amassed a much nicer collection of bicycles than I will ever own. It's nice to ride with him a few times a year.

I waited at my parents' condo while the girls were at dance the other night. I looked through my mom's photographs and found this classic picture of Denny and me. The bike we were washing was his but I bought it from him for $5. I'm not sure who owned it when my mom took this picture. My parents hung on to the bike until recently. It's funny the things you keep.

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  1. It's always nice to look back at old photos. Brings back a lot of fun times.