Monday, January 3, 2011

Sugar and Spice

This was a significant Christmas in that it was the first year where the girls didn’t get any toys that come with a million little pieces tie wired to the packaging, another sign they are growing up. Allie got Mario Cart for the Wii. This is the first time I have been addicted to a video game since I left my Atari behind with my parents shortly after high school.

My parents never pushed me towards any activity but they never stood in my way either so I have no regrets. I secretly try to nudge my girls towards racing bicycles. They show little or no interest in this; I have to be so subtle they don’t even notice. I casually brought up the idea of racing to Emilie. She was on her computer and didn’t give me eye contact or even a patronizing “hum.” More of what I say is meaning less, or meaningless. I accept this reality; however, I see pictures of Kim and M. E. Rider riding with their dads and I feel a twinge of jealousy.

Last night Em asked me to set up her bike on the trainer. She rode for 30 minutes. I don’t want to make anything out of this that it’s not but still, I am encouraged.


  1. When my daughter was younger I had hopes that she would get into cycling or trekking or camping......any of the activities that I enjoyed.
    She was just not interested.

    Now she has a family of her own what is she doing? Cycling and camping etc.
    When the time is right.........!!!

  2. I'm pretty damn lucky, since my son - now 11 years old - digs bikes. We ride and race together - super cool father/son time. I don't push him at all, he wants to go. And when he doesn't, no problem at all.

    He's been interested since age 5 or so, and we've graduated from training wheels, to easy rides on the bike path, to full on mountain biking - complete with a few races series, 'cross included.

    I'm enjoying it while I can, 'cause I see how kid's interests change. He could tell me tomorrow he's sick of bikes and that would be okay (of course internally I'd be bummed). I honestly don't think that will happen though, he honestly seems to enjoy riding and racing.

    He's does/done other sports as well - cross country running and basketball. Did Little League baseball last year. When I asked him if he wanted to play baseball again this year (sign ups are now), he said no - would rather race mountain bikes (we missed many races last season due to baseball). I ask "Are you sure?", grinning ear to ear internally. "Yeah - I am sure". Whoo - hoo!

    My daughter, now 7 years old ride a little. She's also done some kiddie races at the local 'cross and mountain bike races. She had fun, but I don't see the interest like my son has. And I'm fine with that. If however, she does develop more interest - of course that would extra cool to have two kids racing - and me at times. Yikes - please send money...

  3. I even bought Em this increadibly cool, very rare full XT 24" wheeled GT, thinking I could woo her with a high end kids bike. No luck.