Monday, January 10, 2011


I think I have a solid training plan for this year. Quickly scanning my posts from previous winters, I see I always seem to have a solid training plan. I think I will actually follow it this year, another common theme. Regardless, I am riding my trainer with purpose. Splendid but not much to blog about, so instead I will post about biker girl tattoos.

I have no qualms about my fondness of tattoos on girls who ride mountain bikes. I have hinted around at this in a few posts. As a middle aged father of two, I wouldn’t ogle over a biker girl’s tattoos for any longer than I would gawk at the sun because I really try to stay this side of socially appropriate. Anyway, I am way too conservative and uptight to pull off an ogle.

I just stole this picture from Bike Snob. I imagine if most guys are like me, the first thing that strikes them when they see this picture is the ankle tattoo. Very nice, but I am constantly disappointed when I hear the stories behind girls' tatoos.

The girl who cuts my hair just got a tattoo of a butterfly on her forearm. I asked what it meant. I was expecting an introspective story about how it symbolized rebirth. She said it was just a modification to an earlier tattoo, it use to say “Jim” but her new boyfriend wasn’t down with that.

There was a thread on the Michigan Mountain Bike Association board about a girl looking for suggestions for her first tattoo. Another girl warned her to give the design serious consideration; she explained how she got a Yin and yang ankle tattoo to symbolize how polar forces are interconnected but as it faded, it looked like “69”, which means something completely different.

The subject of biker girl tattoos came up during the Team Tree Farm night ride two weeks ago (as it often does during group rides). A girl who rides with them came from California. She had a neck tattoo that said: “Cali-Girl”. But the first “i” looked just like an “l”, again changing the meaning considerably.

Em turned 13 last week. She often watches Miami Ink on TLC. I’m a nervous wreck. If she ever considers a tattoo, I hope she thinks it through.  Regret leaves an indelible mark.


  1. My wife's eldest son is a tattoo artist - I think I will check with him on how may 'biker girl' tattoos he's done....!

  2. I have seen some cool biker girl tattoos....and they are in places that do not make you ogle....ROLF.

  3. wow... every time i have ever considered a tattoo... i imagined that tattoo on my 80+ year old body. Still hot at 79 .... but 80? nah. Not-so-much. p.s. going for that bigfoot next weekend! rrrarrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that was obnoxious.

  4. One could argue a 50 year old faded tattoo makes more sense than racing across a frozen bridge with snowshoes. I suppose it depends on the tattoo, and that person's history with bridges.

  5. I have an owl on my stretches from my ankle to just below my knee. It's not little by any means...
    when my son was a baby, I used to take him up in the woods behind our house. We found a hollowed tree where an owl was nesting her babies...his first words were "hoot hoot"...very shy, very quiet. I went up there on my own (and not my brightest moment), took a photo of the owl, which later became my tattoo. Birds of prey are badass...I am an insomniac & often lie in bed at night hearing the owls up in our woods, it makes me feel safe.
    So, after my first 24hr race, I felt like a badass myself & got the took two 4+ hour sittings. I love it. Someday it will be mottled & blurry, but I don't care. It's beautiful now.

  6. oh wow. I shivered when you mentioned "bridge"... uhm. thanks. I'll be heading north across the Mighty Mac this weekend instead of risking life/limb on the snowshoes and possible bridge crossings on foot... wow.. am I actually bridge phobic? This weekend WILL be my first crossing of the BIG one since that unfortunate event you are sitting there snickering about... grr. Time to assess my mental state over a big bowl of popcorn.