Sunday, January 23, 2011

Worst Day Of The Year (Ride)

Today was the annual Worst Day Of The Year Ride. Statistically, this week is the coldest of the year. I skipped the ride last year because it rained and the trails were muddy, and it seemed a little disingenuous to call a day the "worst" when there was little or no chance of dieing of hypothermia. It was 0 degrees F this morning, without considering the wind chill.  I suppose that whole global warming fad is over.  It warmed up to 10 degrees by the time the ride started. But it was sunny and not terribly cold in the woods. A good ride, an interesting mix of urban riding and snow covered trails in Ann Arbor.

My last time on frozen trails I used worn 1.9 Kenda Karmas. Sketchy. I used 2.20 Specialized tires today. They were very steady on the frozen trails. I heard it takes 7 years to master a sport. Shoot, I should have mastered mountain biking more than twice by now. I am still figuring it out. I'm still trying to figure me out.

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  1. "I suppose that whole global warming fad is over." It's not called "global warming" anymore because people didn't now it's called "climate change" because it does more than "warming."

    And it's far from over. It's just beginning. Extreme weather is part of it, and some experts in the field say part of Europe could have an iceage because of ice melting in polar regions and then making certain ocean currents cooler, therefore changing weather patterns and coldness in certain areas.

    Anyway, here's some info about it.

    And yes, I've read that entire report, and know a lot about it.

    It's something i'm passionate about. If I had the time/money...mostly money, I would start college over and change my major to environmental engineering or something that would make a difference in the world.

    Maybe your generation doesn't give a shit because y'all won't be around when it starts getting horrible and something will have to happen like an epidemic or just widespread death due to too big of a population and lack of food and wars over clean water. A large amount of people are going to have to die...that's just basic environmental science and community ecology/population ecology principles. Like, what I am talking about is mainly "carrying capacity."