Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Iceman

That child who refused to smile, first row 6 columns across, is me.   Third row down third column across is Denny.  A couple years later Denny would crash in front of my house and lose his two front teeth.  I kept thinking about that as I raced on the back of his tandem Sunday at the Iceman.  We finished 14th out of 30 in the tandem class, 2:46.  I'm satisfied.  I averaged 164 BPM, which I believe is what I averaged at the Yankee Springs TT.  I think that's all I'm capable of anymore.

I felt completely out of control, probably because I was.  I just pedaled and didn't worry about things that were out of my hands.  There is probably a metaphor that hints at some larger truth somewhere in all this.

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  1. =) I like the last paragraph. I think about almost exactly that while I'm training (because I have a fear of cars and dogs), and when I get onto a start line (because any variety of things could go wrong that I have little control over, like other's actions, etc), and other times. I think it's highly applicable to everyday life. I have to remind myself of these things when I'm fretting over things I have no control over at the current time, so I have to just do what I can the best that I can at the current time so that my awesomness in that moment can influence the next moment.

    I think I've learned most life lessons through cycling. However, I've only been in this for a few years, so I bet you're a super sage.

    It's funny, because over the summer, I noticed how cycling taught me how to trust people.

    But for reals...kindergarten pictures... AHH SO MUCH CUTENESS IN SUCH LITTLE BODIES. Cuteasaurus rex explosion.

  2. Did you have water in your bottle or a stronger mix? I can't imagine 2+ hours on the back of a tandem last Saturday. I was fearful enough of my own driving! ;)