Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Of Many Iceman Posts...

Okay, the cliff notes version is I finished 82nd out of 149 in Expert 40 - 44 at 2:04:04. I didn't hit my goal of 2 hours but they changed the course from 27 miles to just over 28 miles. I figured I hit the 27 mile mark very close to 2 hrs. I'm satisfied.

Cin and Laura were the only two in our group who didn't race. They were our enthusiastic cheer section and shuttle drivers.

Denny and Barb did the Sport Tandem race while recovering from the flu. A mechanical 3 miles from the finish line took them out but, as usual, they seemed to have the most fun.

Brad and Kevin finished 71st and 72nd out of 113 in Sport 47 - 49, 6 seconds apart. They had no idea they were so close until the results were posted.

Paul did his first race. He actually registered for the Iceman before he even owned a mountain bike, or rode a trail. He borrowed my bike a few times this summer before he got his own. He did a very respectable 2:29. He is just one of those naturally athletic people.

This was Renee's fourth bicycle race ever and she finished 3rd in Beginner woman, and got the nicest medal I ever saw. This morning I was so sore I could hardly make a pot of coffee. Renee went out and ran 7 miles. What ever. Mike started riding a lot more this summer and took about 20 minutes off his time from last year. I am having trouble rapping my little mind around such an improvement.

To try and put Mike's improvement in perspective I went back and looked at the results from my first Iceman in '97. I did the course in 2:11. So, after changing my life style, dropping 20 lbs, going to bike camp, and riding before work, taking my bicycle on family vacations and business trips for the last 12 years, I shaved 7 minutes off my time. But that is fine because David Wagoner only beat me by 11 minutes yesterday. Who is David you wonder? I don't really know but apparently I have raced him several times. I know this because when they post times at a race, I always see his name at the top of my class and, because he has a similar last name to mine, I think it's me for a second. Then I feel stupid for thinking this. And feel stupid for falling for this every race. When I went back to look at my results for '97, I noticed he raced Elite back then. He finished just 12 spots below Tinker Juarze (the winner) in the 1997 Iceman. David beat me by 24 minutes that race. What I have really accomplished is to hold back the ravishes of old age, at least as it relates to bicycle racing. That ain't bad.


  1. Looks like you had great weather! I cannot imagine racing in a field that large. That had to be an absolute blast to do. Someday, maybe...


  2. Thank you. It was a hoot. 11 of the pros were from Colorado. They must put something in the water there. Jeremy Horgan won the men's race and Alison Dunlap won the woman's, both from CO. You should sign up for the 2010 Iceman. I think registration starts in February. It fills up quickly. If later on you decide not to go, you can easily sell your spot.

  3. The Iceman seems like a lot of fun...I'm doing it in I hope it is sweet.

  4. You need to do this race Emily. The course itself is mainly sandy two track, and Michigan weather in November can suck, but the atmosphere around the race is amazing.