Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mirror in the Bathroom

I am still following the training plan I laid out for myself 2 weeks ago. November is a wind-down month. The reduced riding this month allows time to button up things around the house. Cin and I are planning on selling our house and the bathrooms are one thing that would send a potential buyer running. I would much rather ride than solder copper pipes together. I would rather have my wisdom teeth extracted without nitrous oxide than solder copper pipes together.

I think I have a very good sense of smell. I can often smell people (especially the perfumy smell of girls) before I see or hear them on the trail. I like the smells of riding. Autumn has that crushed leaf smell. Winter has the crisp, dry smell. Spring smells earthy and summer is floral. The main change to my training plan is adding weight training. The fitness center has the horrible smell of sweaty men.

And the wet goat stench isn’t the worse part of lifting. Lifting is boring and the vanity is crazy in the workout area. There are mirrors covering the walls and pillars because everyone there seems to enjoy looking at themselves. Hell, maybe the problem is just me. I weight 145 lbs, and only about 45 of those pounds are above my waist. I don’t question the importance of weight training. Research has found that weight training can enhance cycle endurance performance independently of increases in VO2max. And presumably independent of decreases in VO2max. I’ll see.

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