Monday, November 23, 2009

Bathrooms and Bicycles

I enjoy working on my bicycles. I don't mind working on my truck. Remodeling the bathroom sucked. I would lay awake in bed at night worrying that the pipes I soldered together would leak and ruin the dry wall or that I didn’t center the wax ring on the toilet correctly and raw sewage would fall like rain into the basement. The bathroom is complete and everything is fine.

Allison drew a picture thanking me for working on the bathroom. It was untypically sweet of her. I had to look at the picture for a minute before I realized it was a picture of our tandem I sold exactly a year ago. Allie hasn’t forgiven me yet. I told her I would buy a new tandem but there always seems to be a better use of money. I thought about how the money I got for our tandem was about what the bathroom cost to remodel, and how buying a new tandem may have been a better use of that money. I lay awake at night thinking about all my stupid decisions; much more worrisome than sewage falling like rain.


  1. She sounds like she'd be a great stoker, in fact, metaphorically, she already is.

  2. You and I are living in a 'bathroom parallel universe' I'm halfway through extending and re-fitting a bathroom - have been since June -
    Other re-modeling projects have now eaten my holiday time - so it's just sitting there half finished - you don't fancy leaping on a trans -atlantic do you?

  3. Although the pipes don't leak now, they did the first 100 or so times I tried soldering them. I would hate to give you the impression all Americans are as incompetent as me (even if they are).

  4. I see they're well on with 'wireless' electricity' how about 'pipeless water' ? we could become rich!