Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hunting Season

This is opening day for deer season. Renee and I rode Maybury this afternoon since it is one of the few trails around here that doesn't allow hunting. I hunted as a kid but I never considered myself a hunter; I liked to go into the woods with my friends, and hunting provided me that opportunity. You can't just hang out in the woods without a purpose, that's just awkward. Now mountain biking gives me that purpose. And with mountain biking, I have no obligation to eat gamy meat loaded with bone fragments and led shot, which is no fun for someone who doesn't really eat meat in the first place. I suppose this is just another example of getting older and changing tastes.

Emilie changed her room around this weekend. I see she threw out her Hannah Montana poster. Kind of sad, but kind of inevitable.


  1. I remember when my daughter went from "New Kids on the Block" to "Metallica." Scary!

  2. I'm bracing myself to see what fills the void left by her Hanna Montana poster.