Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's Go Girls

Cindy is out of town so I took some time off work to play the part of mom. I spend a lot of time with the girls but I never had to get them off to school by myself before. Cindy and I have different parenting styles. This morning I tried to convince Em of the merits of whole grain bread over refined white bread, a well thought out argument about starch and simple carbohydrates. She was unmoved. We left for school early so we could go out for breakfast. Apparently IHOP doesn't open until sometime after 6:30 AM. When the heck do people eat breakfast? We ended up at Tim Horton's. I came home to get Allison ready. Alllie didn't want to eat. I launched into my neurotic speech about the importance of breakfast. She agreed to have Raisin Bran but didn't want the raisins. I tried to explain how raisins were a good source of iron. She was no more moved than Emilie. I picked them out for her.

Wednesday morning I took the kids to the dentist. The hygienist accused me of doing a lousy job helping the kids floss. Thursday was parent teacher conferences. Allie's teacher was disgusted I didn't know the name of Allie's book for independent reading. Both kids were disappointed I don't warm up the car before school like mom does. Sally the dog was mad I didn't take her to school to drop off the kids. It occurred to me that maybe I am not the stellar mom I thought I was.

I thought as a mother I would have time to ride outside. Apparently not. I did go to a spinning class at the fitness center last night, with the other moms, while I was waiting for the paint to dry in the bathroom. The first song that played was that "Let's Go Girls" song, I think by Shania Twain but that is a genre I know little about. The spinning area is surrounded by mirrors just like the work out area. I noticed how my Pearl Izumi shorts made my butt look big.


  1. Spandex makes all butts look big......except that girl that won "Best Behind To Ride Behind" at my last MS150. They looked really good on her.

  2. Did you see my man bib? You could use the yellow apron as well. Ahh to be a house husband.

  3. Lol, yes, I saw your bib. I am just a little pissy because I missed All My Children on TV today. On the plus side, I think my tolerance for pain has gone way up.