Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last Fall GM took all the clocks off our walls. The thinking was we already have a clock on our computers so the clocks on our walls just wasted electricity. I suppose, but my schedule is so crazy that I still find myself constantly glancing up at the empty space on my wall where a clock once was. I am so busy that I often consider cauterizing myself so I don’t have to waste time pissing.

My schedule is hectic when I leave work too. Three days a week I stop by the bus stop on the way home and get the kids and we are off on an adventure…usually dance practice. Last night was my third and final attempt to take Allie to Lifetime Fitness so I could go to a spinning class after we dropped Em off at dance. Allie just doesn’t want to go which is fine; I do enjoy hanging out with her.

Cin has the kids on Monday and Thursday evenings which gives me two nights a week to ride. I woke up a half hour early today so I would have time to pack my bike and riding clothes and make lunch and dinner. I spent 28 minutes looking for either of my two hats since I knew it was going to be a cold ride after work. I finally determined someone must have broken into our house and stole my hats because they are gone. I spent 2 minutes throwing my stuff in the back of my truck. There was no time left to make lunch and dinner. I have a bag of edamame beans and a can of tuna fish in the fridge at work which will have to do for my lunch and dinner.

Today’s lesson to myself: I really need to pack my stuff the night before.

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