Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Night

The main part of my scheme to place this year is to ride every chance I get. I keep all my stuff ready for any opportunity to sneak in a ride. Fridays are hit or miss. Last night as the girls and I were discussing what DVD we wanted to watch, we got a call from one of their friends that invited them out to a late dinner. The girls and I already ate but they wanted to go just the same. I can't believe they would rather go out to eat than make popcorn with me but there was my chance to sneak in 90 minutes on the trainer.

I discovered earlier in the day that someone local had something published in the magazine "Dirt Rag". I was really impressed by this and decided to spend the 90 minutes I had to myself looking for this magazine. It was a great article; kind of put things in perspective. I rode the stationary for two hours this morning to make up for the hour I squandered last night. All is good.


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  2. LOL, looking at my entry again I see I was rambeling on about nothing; I actually bored myself trying to read what I wrote so I figured I should cut out the fluff.