Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lifetime Fitness

Yesterday was my second attempt to take Allie to Lifetime Fitness after we dropped Emilie off at dance practice. Like last week, the plan was to leave Allie in childcare while I rode for an hour then take her swimming. When we got there I realized they do not have family swimming on Wednesdays, which is silly because the pool was empty and the rest of the club was filled beyond capacity. I asked Allison if she was OK with going to childcare even though we couldn’t swim afterwards. She said “sure.”

I dropped her off at childcare and felt like I was leaving a puppy at a dog kennel. I almost went back and got her and called this whole thing off. I didn’t go to the spinning class because I didn’t want to leave Allie in there for a whole hour. I rode a stationary bike in the cardio area. Lifetime Fitness is huge and it was packed. I was in the middle of a sea of sweating bodies. Disgusting. I checked on Allie after 30 minutes. If she was having fun I was going to ride for another 30 minutes but she was ready to leave. After I signed her out I asked Allie how it was. She said “OK” but her expressionless look said she realized I dumped her off in childcare as if she was just an inconvenience. This is not worth an extra hour of riding every week.

I need to figure how to squeeze 10 hrs of riding in a week. Taking Allie to Lifetime clearly is not a well thought out plan. I need to be a little cleverer than this.

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