Friday, February 6, 2009

Losing Weight Part II

I lost 7 lbs in two weeks. I am ahead of schedule to be down to my racing weight before I start my serious training in a few weeks.

I have not really dieted since trying to make my weight class in wrestling 25 years ago. Last weekend I was miserable; I was hungry, board, and sick of eggs, fish, chicken, and raw veggies. Cin made chocolate chip cookies. The whole house smelt like fresh cookies and I knew there were two gallons of milk in the fridge that were going to go to waste since I stopped consuming dairy products as part of this diet. I couldn't stop thinking about these stupid cookies. I wondered if this was what heroine withdraws felt like. I was immediately embarrassed by this ridiculous thought. There are people really suffering and I am quietly whining to myself about giving up milk and cookies? And really, my weight is the only part of this hare-brained scheme that I have control over; everything else is just given to me to deal with the best I can. The tinsel strength of my bicycle chain, my schedule, my DNA...everything was put in motion by someone else.

I don’t mean to get all Ayn Rand or anything but the more I thought about it, my weight is really the only thing I control in my life. With this new perspective I stopped whining. Next week I will start reintroducing normal foods back into my diet: wholegrain pasta, dairy, and, most importantly, coffee. I can have milk and cookies next month.

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