Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Building a Base

Like most racers in Northern states, I am early into my base training. It is low intensity but that shouldn't be confused with easy; the boredom is just painful. I don't watch much TV during the year but every December I find a TV series on DVD and watch it while I ride. Last year was It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The year before that was The Office. I watched Lost the year earlier, CSI and South Park during previous base stages. This year I am watching Prison Break. Emilie has gotten hooked on this series. It is nice to watch TV with her, even if I am doing it at 140 BPM.


  1. Am I seeing FORD shorts? Isn't that some kind of treason?

  2. Darn it, I knew I should have blurred that out. I tried road racing for a few seasons. Ford was our team's sponsor so now I have all these nice Ford kits that I will only ware when I'm on the trainer. Actually I am the first non-Ford engineer in my family in 3 generations; I put a spear through my dad's heart (they reluctantly invite me over for Thanksgiving) but the thing is, I am philosophically opposed to nepotism.