Friday, December 25, 2009

A Befuddled Santa

Santa brought Allie that electronic dead bolt for her room she wanted. I am already getting tired trying to explain this gift to friends and family. Oh yeah, her other must have gift this Christmas was one of those mouth guards that football players use. Don't ask. Watching the kids open their presents is a highlight of my year for sure but watching the presents change over the years from dolls to I-Pods is a little hard for a sentimental, neurotic father like me. Actually I'm not all that sentimental or neurotic, I just have a little trouble letting go.


  1. Look at the joy in her eyes! This is actually something I would have wanted... way to go SANTA!

  2. This picture is awesome!! It's not too incredibly odd...maybe. I had an obsession with an electronic code protected safe, and I neeeeeedddded it for was awesome. I also had an obsession with a stopwatch and I would time everything. Those things are much cooler than boring girls toys. You're blessed to have an awesome daughter!