Saturday, December 5, 2009

Believing In Things I Don't Understand

Bill and I rode this morning. It was cold, really, really cold. My heart rate monitor transmitter was frozen like that rose your 7th grade science teacher dipped in nitrogen then smashed with a hammer but instead of smashing it, I put it around my chest. My heart rate spiked. God bless Michigan.

This was my first ride with Bill and his new 29er. He seemed faster. I didn't have to soft pedal to let him catch up. Maybe it was the placebo affect but regardless, we took over a minute off the time it took us to do the 7 mile Murry Lake loop last week, and today there were frozen parts we had to slow down for and we were riding in full winter clothing. I am almost convinced I must have a 29er but I still don't get it. People, smarter than me, have tried to explain it. They use terms like "angle of attack". Once a reason has an engineering sounding term to explain it, it becomes hard to argue.

I will go to church tomorrow morning like I have done every Sunday morning of my life. Sometimes the girls go with me. I understand religion less than I understand why bigger wheels make you go faster. It is hard for me to believe in things I just don't understand.

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  1. I'm always thankful that I can believe in things I don't understand. some folks are not so lucky. ;-)