Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Iceman Registration Opens 3/1/11

Just another public service announcement. Iceman registration opens at 10:00 AM EST on March 1st. The race itself is on November 5th. I assume it will sell out quickly since the race is limited to 3,700 people. Limited? That number seems crazy high for a post season race in Michigan. It’s smart to set up a Swift account before March since registration gets a little crazy. I’m not sure the course can handle 3,700 racers. The registration website can’t. But it’s worth all the drama (and $75) to get in.

The Iceman race is in Traverse City. TC is beautiful. If one were to fly into the Cherry Capital Airport from out of state, and didn’t bother to look down below at the passing frozen wasteland that is the rest of Michigan, they would get the wrong impression of our state. TC is hilly and wooded and has the Lake Michigan shoreline. Down town Traverse City has interesting shops and cool bars; just a good atmosphere. If TC had any use for automotive engineers, I would never leave.

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