Monday, February 7, 2011

The Essence of Being Average

I just down loaded a month worth of HRM files. Hum… I could have sworn I have been riding more than this. I did forget my HRM for a few rides and I have been spending more time on strength training than I have in past seasons but regardless, I need to pick it up a bit. I am going to start working out in the morning to squeeze in a little more time lifting and on the bike. I have never been real successful getting in quality workouts at 4 AM. Just making coffee this early is a chore.

I am planning on doing the Ragin’ Raisin race on April 16th. A 36 mile road race on dirt roads this early in the season sounds horrible; however, I need it on my schedule to give me a clearer sense of urgency. And the starting line is riding distance from my house.

This race has a team competition option. Teams made up of women or people over 35 have points added to their over results to level the playing field. 35? Really? I would give more than I will openly admit to be 35 again. 35 year olds are kids really, sophomores in the game of life, still capable of generating significant watts.

This is the first time I have been offered a handout because I am, I guess, disadvantaged. Silly, that's all.


  1. handicaps are one of the few good things about getting older....well at least in regards to bike racing.

  2. Thank you, but coming from a 35+ girl whom could clearly kick my ass, I don't feel any better.