Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nothing to Report

It has been a rainy week but I managed to get some decent riding in. I can't prove it because my heart rate monitor died, again, and I lost the two months of data I carelessly left in it.

I like riding in between rain showers. The air was so thick and warm that I could feel it colliding with my body. And the smells are strong...damp Earth, crisp vegetation, musty swamps, and yes, dead and bloated deer. I will take the good with the bad. Plus, there is something satisfying with feeling like you pulled a fast one over on mother nature (think you're going to up and ruin all my training plans hu? Not this time [insert evil laugh]).

I get this real disconcerted feeling when I glance down and don't see my pulse, like when Bruce Willis discovers he is dead in the movie Sixth Sense. On the positive side, I find it's easier to convince myself I am going really fast when I have no hard data to suggest otherwise.

I miss my HRM. It's not just the data (speed, lap times, altitude, temperature, heart rate) but the notes I add to the files I download from my HRM: where I rode, with whom, how I felt, what I changed on my bike and whether or not it helped. I usually include a note that would mean very little to anyone else but me like, I duno, "rode with Bill and his new 29er today; now everyone drank the Kool-Aid but me."

There will always be a two month gap in my records. But I'm OK with that. The last two months were really messed up. Now it's like they didn't even happen.

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