Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Art and Science of Breaking and Entering

I have locked keys in a car twice in my life. The first time was when I was 12 and at a BMX race. Not only did I have the normal stress of getting ready to race but my girlfriend came to watch. Having your girlfriend sitting with your mom is a lot of pressure, at any age. Stupidly I shut the deck lid with the keys in the trunk. My mom went to one of the shady looking characters lurking around the track and he broke into our car in no time flat.

The second time was at a Boyne race, 150-plus miles from home. I was 30 years older and wiser. I unscrewed the truck's antenna, fished it between the side glass and the window frame, and hit the unlock button. Problem solved.

Just as we are taking off for Thursday's group ride, a girl comes over and asks for help breaking into her (?) car. A damsel in distress will halt a group ride for sure. I unscrewed her (?) antenna, hit the unlock button, and wha-la, problem solved.

I treat Thursday night group rides like a race but, when I struggle, I feel more self-conscious on group rides because I lose some anonymity. I struggled and got dropped Thursday. Getting dropped is nothing new but what did happen for the first time ever is they stopped and waited for me. I don’t feel respected as a rider but I think I impressed them with my aptitude for B and E. And that’s something. I guess.


  1. In college I carried a wire coat-hanger in my backpack.... used it weekly.

  2. They waited for us when we did that ride together.

  3. Hum...I'm not sure who the other part of "us" is but I am positive they waited for that part, not me. And I imagine that part of us is faster than me this season so I will have to hot wire a vehicle in the parking lot before the next ride if I don't want to get dropped. And cars built after 2006 are so hard to hot wire, I just wish you would slow down and ride with me again.