Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Junk Miles

Cindy took the kids to a special dance practice last night so I found myself with the rare occasion of having a Monday night all to myself. It was a perfect evening, cool, low humidity, sunny. I didn’t call anyone to ride. And I didn’t plan on a hard ride. I rode just for fun. I don’t have enough opportunity in my week to waste time on rides without purpose but since this was unscheduled, I didn’t feel guilty.

It was a great ride. My mind was someplace else. I past a rider and didn’t look twice since I didn’t recognize the bicycle. I hear: “Hey Neil”. It was a friend who was on his spare bike. He is a fast rider so apparently he was riding without purpose too. I slowed down and we talked until we got to the trail head. He went back to his truck, I kept riding. I rode just fast enough so the mosquitoes couldn’t catch me.

My phone rang. It is always a judgment call whether or not to stop riding and answer. It was Cindy.

Me: “Hey.” (Mosquitoes start to congregate around me.)

Cin: “You didn’t answer your phone earlier.”

Me: “Sorry, didn’t hear it ring.” (Mosquitoes find my veins.)

Cin: “I called several times.”

Me: “I’m riding with my Ipod.” (I start swatting at mosquitoes.)

Cin: “I called at 5:00, you weren’t riding yet.”

Me: “I must have been working on my bike.” (Swat, swat, swat.)


Me: “Or in the bathroom, I had Thai and…” (Swat, swat, swat, swat.)

Cin: “Didn’t you see I called?”

Me: “Yes but you didn’t leave a message.” (Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat.)

Me: “So, what’s up?” (Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat.)

Cin: “Just calling to see why you didn’t answer.”


  1. My wife does the same thing!!! LOL.

    Did you introduce yourself to me at Bloomer a few weeks ago???

  2. Yes that was me. I happend to be walking past the finish line when I recognized your bike and jersey. I realized you just finished a race so I didn't think I should say too much other than hi and I read your blog.

  3. LOL. You caught me when I was still trying to catch my breath. Thanks again for coming up and saying Hello! It was nice to know that someone actually reads my crazy blog!

  4. What, you mean guys don't love that kind of stuff??