Monday, August 10, 2009


I didn’t realize my wife reads my blog. She asked why I never blog about her. Uh...This wasn’t supposed to be that kind of blog, its only reason to exist was to document my amazing rise up through the Expert ranks of mountain bike racing. I can’t even type that with a straight face anymore. I have had a great summer riding but haven’t trained since Fort Custer.

Actually I don’t see Cindy that much. We work different shifts and have different friends and different hobbies. It’s not like I don’t know what is going on in her life, I mean, she did add me as a friend on Facebook, and sometimes we go out with other couples. Saturday we saw Tori Amos. It was a great concert and we had a great time together. Cindy has a winsome charm that makes even ordinary things fun. She is very different than me. During the concert I pointed out things I thought were interesting, like in the song “Who’s Your Daddy?” (a song that takes a critical look at the Bush dynasty), Tory substituted the words from that “Ohio” song from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young into one of the verses.

Cindy responds: “is she straight, is she married, does she have kids?”
Me: “I don’t know that kind of stuff.”
Cindy: “You know…‘Us Weekly’ voted her the worse dressed singer.”
Me: (blank look).
Cindy: “They say she looks like a cheese Dorito.”

After the concert we hung out in Down Town Detroit and came across Tori’s tour bus. Cindy wanted to wait there and meet her. We saw the other band members pile into the bus but security shewed us away before Tori walked to the bus. It was kind of exciting, not the thing I would normally do.

When Cindy and I met 20 years ago, I was fresh out of U of M and working at Cadillac, she was a flight attendant. She has always been fun and outgoing. One night she called from some city in some state and explained she met several GM VPs on the flight. She asked them if they knew me. They didn't but gave her some GM trinkets and one of them told her to call him when she got back to Detroit and he would give her an Allante to drive for the week. The Allante was the Cadillac flagship back in 1988, which goes a long way to explain why GM has since gone bankrupt. I told Cindy not to call, he couldn’t be serious, he was just hitting on her (guys hitting on her is a trend that continues to this very day). His secretary called me a week later and said Cindy’s Allante was ready. Cindy and I cruised around in an Allante for a week. Cindy often says where she goes, fun follows. That is hard to argue.

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  1. My father is writing his memoirs and he asked me to help back-up his notes. It is always disconcerting when we read some one else's narrative and find out that we are not the center of the universe like we are in our own narrative. That's why I mention my wife every third blog. Just trying to keep the peace. :)