Monday, May 4, 2009

'09 Fort Custer

Below is a post from May of '09. I didn't bothered to post it back then.  I don't post a lot of entries because really, most of them are just notes to me. I will post it now, 2 years later, because I am guessing I will be able to use the exact same post after the Ft. Custer race this weekend, I will just change the date. Actually I am hoping I can.

Yesterday was the Fort Custer Stampede race. I finished second in Sport Single Speed and won a stylish yet functional glass. I am satisfied. On one hand I dropped down to Sport and I am not proud about that but on the other hand, Sport Single Speed is a competitive class and I was faster than last year, and last year I had 26 additional gears to help me along. At my age, any improvement is encouraging. I know I was pushing myself on the single track because I clocked a dead tree with my shoulder so hard that I knocked a hunk of bark off from the top of the tree that landed on the person a few seconds behind me. Sweet.

The problem was my low heart rate. Up until now it was just an interesting curiosity but now I am baffled. My average HR was 166 BPM (up until last year I would often average 177 BPM). My first lap I did in 42:23 and averaged 164, the second lap I did in 42:10 at 169. The first lap I understand: I was intentionally sitting in second place and I was confident I could easily drop the guy in front of me (Dan Grow, a lawyer, and dropping a lawyer would feel good, no offence Dan). A solid plan but apparently the person in third had the same solid plan and ¾ through the first lap Ryan Flesher past Dan and me like Wily E. Coyote with an A.C.M.E jet pack strapped to his back. I spent the rest of the race chasing Ryan.

I was really trying to push myself but kept looking down at my heart rate monitor and just couldn’t seem to stay in the 170’s, like one of those dreams where you are trying to run but your legs won’t listen to your head. I really hope this is some type of serious cardiovascular degenerative disease because if I am just lacking motivation, I will be pissed.


  1. I went to high school with Ryan. Great guy. Fast as hell too! I am hoping that I can copy the part of your post about 2nd place on Sunday. Maybe I will see you there. Good luck if I don't!

  2. Thanks Sean. Good luck Sunday. I thought I buried this post so far back, no one would find it.

  3. It came across my blog feed. I really hope we both do well! Look for me at the Custer Cyclery tent. Still on the orange Epic...but flying a Blue and white jersey now!