Friday, May 15, 2009

My Little Artist

Em was one of only several hundred elementary students in Brighton to have their art put in an art exhibit at the Brighton High School. I gladly gave up my Thursday night group ride to see it. The art show (in conjunction with rain and other commitments) did make this week my fourth unplanned rest week in a row; I am averaging about 3 hrs of riding a week. I stripped my geared bike to re-build my single speed with the best parts I have (wheels, fork, seat post, seat, etc.) but I should have put my Felt back together with my extra parts so I could ride it on the trainer at night; riding under natural light is out of the question. I really need to get motivated here soon.

I am going to do a single speed race at Bloomer on Sunday. I am in no shape to race but this wasn't a scheduled race. I am using it as just a hard training ride.

I hope to get back on some type of training plan next week.


  1. Catch-up Hint: Race THEN ride. We called those butt-check-workouts. They test whether you're man enough to put your butt back in the saddle. :)

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