Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Iceman Registration

I have a link to my blog that shows me what brings people here. As it turns out, almost all my views are accidental hits from people googling "biker girl tattoos." Still, I feel obligated to post a reminder that registration for Iceman opens on March 1st. Depending on how many times the Iceman site crashes, it will likely fill up quickly. This year you must create an account with USA Cycling first.

It really is a cool race and worth all the hassle, even if you have to drive all the way from Bloomington, Cincinnati, or Medina. Just say'n.


  1. So....did you get in? My son and I managed to get in....and charged 3 times. Ahhh...what fun it is to ride!

  2. Ya, I got in. It took me 3:44 to register. Not great but an improvement from last year. They charged me twice. A friend said she saw an "I survived the Iceman Registration" bumper sticker. I would laugh if it didn't hurt so bad. 1.4 billion people in India and they can't create a website that Iceman won't crash? really?