Friday, January 6, 2012

Coveting Another Man's Bike

Crazy nice weather today. Kevin emailed me last night to see if I wanted to ride after work. He just got a beautiful, sub-20 pound carbon fiber Felt with full SRAM XX so I’m guessing he would want to ride regardless of the temperature. Apparently the Felt replaces his titanium Merlin with full XTR. If it were a sin to covet another man’s bike, I would surely go to hell. But not really. I have a plan. Right before I die I am going to pray for mercy. It’s a loophole. I'm screwed if I die suddenly.

I packed my bike this morning. Island Lake will be muddy. Cleaning a muddy bicycle in an apartment is a little complicated. It is actually the first thing I thought of when I considered moving. Sue gave me a detachable shower head on this long flexible hose for Christmas. This seemed an odd gift at first but she explained I could use it to wash my bicycle in the bath tub. Brilliant. I dig biker chicks.


  1. Carwash. That's what we had to do when we lived in apartment.

  2. During my apartment days, washed off muddy mountain bikes with many water bottles filled at the kitchen sink.

    While the downstairs apartment was rented, we lived on the top floor, washed off on the lawn out front. During periods of lower apartment not being rented, washed bikes on our 2nd story balcony, making a bit of mess below. Heh, heh...