Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buddy The Cake Boss Can Kiss My Ass

I had Monday off work. The plan was to help Allie make a cake then get a good ride in. I have been consistently disappointing myself this winter with my lack luster training and yesterday was going to be the beginning of a solid effort.

But not an ordinary cake. A box cake wrapped in fondant and piped. Allie has developed this fascination with Buddy the Cake Boss. She compares me to him often; I don't stand a chance. After I took Em to Nashville, Allie asked if I could take her to Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey, the Garden State.

Allie really did most the work. I watched from the sidelines.

This was our first attempt to use fondant. Buddy makes it look easy. Allie was anxious to work with fondant and maybe rolled it too early. It cracked when we tried to set it over the cake.

The cake collapsed when we set the fondant on it anyway.

I added water to the fondant on our second attempt, like you do with Play-Doh when it cracks. The fondant turned into a heap of useless goo.

We stopped by the cake store for more fondant on the way to dance practice. I signed her up for a cake making class because I have no idea what I am doing.

While Allie was at dance, I baked another cake to replace the one that collapsed. She likes to do everything herself but it was getting late. I have the cooking skills of an 11 year old girl anyway.

Allie said she needed to do the "dirty icing" before we tried the fondant (again). "Dirty icing" is a term Buddy uses.

I had no idea how to handle fondant. She did. Thanks again Buddy for being my daughter's roll model.

Allie insists on coloring the frosting...

and using a bag instead of buying premixed tubes.

Some of the cake mix fell to the bottom of the oven. It looked like dog poo. Allie and I thought it would be funny to set it on Emilie's bathroom floor. Yes, this was terribly immature of me...

but Allie could not stop laughing, not even for a picture of her and her cake.

The cake only took 8 hours to make. I will start my solid training effort tonight instead.

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