Monday, April 18, 2011

My Parents Rock

My mom just bought me the new Foo Fighters CD. I feel like I am 15 again, back when my mom bought my friends and me tickets for a Nazareth concert. I told her Nazareth was a Christian rock band. She may have gotten the tickets regardless but I didn't want to take a chance.

I was looking at my dad's driver's license and see he has no restrictions, not even corrective lenses. He also still has his cycle endorsement. I am pretty sure he is the oldest person in Michigan who can still legally ride a motorcycle. That's not to say he would ride a motorcycle. I assume he keeps his endorsement because he isn't ready to acknowledge that stage of his life is over. I get it.

This ends our vacation with my parents. I'm not sure our Anglo-Saxon bodies can take any more beach time. We are off to spend the next week at Disney. I will ride when the girls are at the pool. It is difficult to ride around the Disney Resort but I make do: sprint from the Pluto section of the parking lot to the Goofy section, rest to Donald Duck then sprint to the Daisy Duck section then repeat.

I put the girls' toys back up on the shelves in my parent's garage, toys my parents have kept for 10 years. Inflatable rafts, butterfly nets, toy cell phones, bubbles, sidewalk chalk. I know this is the last time my girls will play with these toys but I put them back in storage because I am not ready to acknowledge that stage of my life is over.


  1. At my age now I can look back on my life and I see that it is made up of lots of various stages...quite an odd feeling really..!!
    Those toys you have put on the shelves in the garage will hold the memories for years.....


  2. :) Sweet post. Amazing that your dad doesn't have any restrictions. Impressive. So, I went to my parent's house last night with the intention of "cleaning out" the attic space that is home to all of my childhood items. They have been nagging me to do this for a few years. So, I pull it out into my old bedroom space and start sorting into KEEP/TRASH/DONATE... what do you know? MY MOTHER started pulling stuff from the trash and putting on shelves in the bedroom. We ended up packing it all back into the bins and I'm certain they hid it all back in the attic. ugh... :) Sweet sorrow. Enjoy your Disney cycle vacation and please return with some sun. I rode in low 30 temps tonight and we are under winter storm warning .. upto 6". Snow day. Please.