Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Florida and Absolute Truths

It took me 3 days to drive from Michigan to my parent's house in Florida. I took the scenic route and stopped to ride along the way; just a fantastic trip. I got a water bottle in Ohio; best souvenir ever. Friday I pick up the girls from the airport.

As I was getting ready to ride this morning, my mom reached under the sink for the sport sunblock I bought for riding during a previous vacation down here. She told me she called the company and was told it lasts for 10 years, even put the expiration date on the container, typical mom. I must have gotten it 11 years ago because it was expired, another reminder how little really changes. My mom was pretty lax when I was young but now she seems very concerned about my safety. She told me to ware my helmet and ride on the sidewalk when ever possible. She's my mom and I love her so I patiently listened as she explained how traffic circles work and other things I guess I need to know.

I like Florida but riding with the vehicular traffic down here is strange. The motorcycles have training wheels and I rode for six hours today during which time not a single person gave me the finger. Though friendly, the drivers in Florida are just a little random. They don't take stop signs or red lights seriously. Rules here aren't absolutes, merely suggestions. This is an ideology I can accept.

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