Saturday, October 30, 2010

Singlespeed World Championship, Sort Of

Today was the self-proclaimed Singlespeed World Championship.  I'm not sure how official it is; in fact, the race brochure stated, several times, it wasn't even a race.  The winner took home the coveted Singlespeed World Champion beer mug.  It looked like a race from where I was sitting.  

I didn't do the race.  I was on the fence this morning.  A singlespeed race at the Poto the week before Iceman seems a perfect venue but I wasn't in a racing mood.  I wasn't even in a riding mood.  This is odd.  I haven't been riding lately but it hasn't been lack of desire, just collateral damage from a hectic schedule.  Kevin and I took off on our geared bikes a little while after the racers.  

The Singlspeed World Championship is an annual race but this year it was a fund raiser for Jason Lummis.  Jason is a local pro who represents Michigan well when he races out of state.  I don't know him personally but I heard he is a great guy.  Jason was hit by a truck and left for dead in a ditch while riding his bike home from work about a month ago.  It's not clear if he will ever be the same.  What is clear is today when I was quietly whining to myself about the grey skies, cold temperature, and my lack of fitness, Jason was home in a full body cast.  I thought about Jason a lot on this ride, and how I complain about silly things, and how easily I lose prospective.  It was a good ride and, as always, I came back with a better attitude than I left with. 

I went right from the ride to pick up the girls from dance.  Em wanted to go to a friend's house in Canton then for me to take them to a haunted house after dark.  This left me with 3 hours to spend with Allie, not quite enough time to go back to Brighton but a lot of time to spend in Canton.  Allie wanted to go to Jungle Java like we did in previous years when we had some time to kill.  I wasn't half way through my cup of coffee and Allie wanted to leave.  She is getting a little old for a play structure.  Kids don't get old all at once, it come in little waves.  We went shopping.  

One of the stores we went to was Marshall's, a store that gets other stores' overstock items.  99.9% of what they have is crap.  In between all the crap is often a jewel or two.  The jewels they had today were Columbia Highroad cycling jerseys, windbreakers, vests, and jackets.  I picked up on a long sleeve jersey, normally $70 on sale for $15.  I left the store with a better attitude than I walked in with.  Finding cycling apparel at 80% off MSRP while looking for clothes for your daughter can do that.

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