Saturday, October 23, 2010

Diabolical Plan

I just reviewed the 2010 Iceman website looking for help with logistics. They had some good information, like it might be cold in Northern Michigan in November so bring winter riding gear. Here is my favorite quote from the website:

And, oh by the way... 27 miles of hard riding, especially if the weather is nasty, is not only hard on your ride, but physically demanding as well. Ride your bike regularly for at least eight weeks before Iceman.

Oh crap, Iceman is two weeks away, now I read their training suggestions. I have done this race since 1996 (I think) and never have I been so unprepared. This is fine, the year was just a little off, it's not the beginning of a downward spiral. Still, I am screwed. I will look back someday at all my times and this one will look pathetic. Worse than that, every time I ride with a new group of people next summer, someone will casually ask what my Iceman time was. I will take a deep breath and tell them with no good way to explain it away and they will relegate me to the back of the group.

It was raining today so I set up the trainer. I have 6 weeks of training to get in today before I pick up the girls from dance at 4:00.

But, I have a plan, a way to get out of turning in a poor time at this year's Iceman without anyone noticing.

Denny recently asked me to race his tandem with him. I wasn't his first choice. His wife has a family obligation during the Iceman weekend. His second choice, Paul, fortunately ruptured a disc in his back last week leaving the position of stoker open for me. Racing on the back of a tandem is actually terrifying but I can blame our iffy time on Denny. Denny, like so many people recently, has fully jumped on the cross bandwagon so he is in good shape right now but that doesn't matter, next year during a group ride when someone asks me my time, I will tell them but immediately explain I was on a tandem, in a tone that suggests I had to lug my partner across all 27 miles. Brilliant. Diabolical and brilliant. I am so glad no one reads my blog.


  1. Oh... I'm laughing for the first time in weeks! Your state sounds as desperate as mine! I got up with slim intention to ride around 10... thank GOODNESS the rain came and ruined THAT plan! I got to be lazy today! Thought of setting up the trainer and making up for the past 3 weeks of NO RIDING + 1 failed cross race! gah! So, will I ride tomorrow? A friend was talking about his taper plan last night... 2 weeks of taper? OMG I am just starting to ride again! hahaha Oh the humor. Wait until you hear MY sneaky I-man PLAN!!

  2. Sneaker than riding a tandem? Can't wait.

  3. hmmm.... so sneaky that i'm no so sure i'll tell-all until AFTER the fact. :)