Monday, August 9, 2010

Understanding God and Math

Yesterday was the Pontiac race. A nice course but I crossed it off my list earlier this year. I almost added it back last week when Randy encouraged me to do this race with him and Rob. I tend to cave with the slightest amount of peer pressure but it just didn't feel right yesterday. I stold this picture of Pontiac from Diane and went to church instead.

As we were sitting down in church, Allison whisperers: "How was Jesus born if he created everything?" I am on the fence a lot when it comes to Christian theology but this question concerned me since it was so basic. I whispered back: "God created everything, Jesus was his son". Allie replies: "Who were God's parents?" I tried to explain the Trinity as quietly as I could since by then the service had started. It is difficult explaining something to a 9 year old that you don't really understand yourself. I may have done myself a disservice when I lied to Allie about Santa Clause, now she questions everything I tell her that sounds a little made up.

I remember being Allie's age and learning about fractions. I wasn't a brilliant kid but I was solid in math. The teacher talked about taking away from a whole. I thought she meant "hole" so my little brain raced to understand what that meant. I figured you needed to add to a hole to take away from it, like filling it in, which made fractions much more complicated. Five seconds of clarification from the teacher would have gone a long way in my understanding of whole numbers. Maybe my brain just worked a little differently than the other kids'. Allie is a lot like me in many regards.

With the race and church over, I decided to do the Sunday shop ride. Although not race pace, it is a fast ride. I fell asleep while getting dressed, apparently while putting on my socks because when I woke up I was sitting in a chair and missing a sock. I missed the ride.

I did yard work and got a short ride in; a productive day on different levels.

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