Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Photo Essay

My job provides me a decent number of vacation days; however, most of those days are spent taking care of things, not really a vacation. This last week was nothing but vacation. A great week.

There is a festival in Ann Arbor (Top of the Park) that has been going on for the last three weeks. This is a brilliant nightly event with bands, good food, and outdoor movies. Often the girls bring friends.We went to a water park during a rain storm. Emilie and Allie didn't seem to notice.

The riding this week was casual but great. It started in Traverse City.
I did a couple rides around home with friends, which was good because I was lacking motivation, especially to ride in the rain. Somehow peer pressure will get me to ride in anything. Bill and I rode Poto, a trail that I think is the nicest in Michigan, in lower Michigan anyway.
I did a road ride with Bill (AKA 40 dollar Bill) and Dan (AKA Cyclo-Dan). I want a road bike. I'm planning on winning one from either or The 1 in 50,000 odds of winning hasn't discouraged me in the least.
Denny, Barb, Cindy and I saw 311 and The Offspring at the DTE amphitheater. It made me feel a little old, an excellent concert regardless.
Em, Allie, and I saw Despicable Me. I was secretly looking forward to this movie. It was even better than I expected. Sometimes I feel like a kid trapped in a middle aged man's body. It's more like I was a kid, fell asleep, woke up and I was 44. What the heck happened?
Perhaps the best part of vacation is waking up without an alarm clock. My biological alarm clock still goes off before the rest of my family wakes up. I have a cup of coffee out on the deck and read blogs and email and bicycle classifieds while I wait for the Tour to start on Verses. I have vacation down to an art, it's reality I struggle with.

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