Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Monday started off as usual, I looked through mail while I had breakfast. I noticed my Sprint bill was about $4,000 higher than usual. I looked closer and saw apparently I made about 4000 calls to Jamaica. Funny, I don't remember calling Jamaica once. I called Sprint Customer Support. They are looking into it.

I cleared brush around my house on Sunday. Apparently I cleared Poison Oak in the process because after I got to work I broke out in itchy blotches. Nice.

I had an off site meeting after lunch. I didn't want to walk in late so I decided to eat my Greek salad while I drove. This plan worked flawlessly until I pulled into the parking lot and the damn salad jettisoned itself off the center console and onto my lap. I went into the men's room and tired, in vain, to wash the Greek dressing out of my pants. Classy.

Monday evening we met with an Orthodontist. Em needs braces. I feel bad for her. I never had them but I had friends who did and it doesn't sound fun. For the last 100 years GM paid all our dental expenses. This year they stopped. Braces cost about what a full XTR Carbonfiber Tomac is worth. It looks like I will be single speeding it this summer. That's fine, I dig my Inglis.

After sorting out my Sprint bill, dressing my poison oak, washing my pants, and considering the fate of my Tomac, I went for a ride. An excellent ride. That kind of ride that makes the other 22 hours of the day worth it. I'm not bitter anymore.


  1. Ha ha! And I thought I had a rough day.

    Nice trail.

  2. That was funny. Well at least you are able to ride your bike. I'm starting to feel sorry for myself.

  3. Thank you. I'm starting to feel like I whine about stupid stuff.