Saturday, October 27, 2012

Single Speed World Championship

Today was the Ninth Annual Single Speed World Championship. I'm not sure how official it is, I mean, it isn't sanctioned by anyone, there is no sign in, no waver, no emergency contact or ambulance on standby. The trail isn't marked, there is neither registration nor registration fees, and no official results. In previous years, racers were given tiles that they stacked as they crossed the finish line; the order of tiles showed the race results. The DNR made us do away with this system because keeping track of results made the Single Speed World Championship look like a race and the DRN hasn't authorized a race.
They didn't have awards, exactly, but they gave away pint glasses to the first 48 finishers. There were about a hundred racers and free beer so there was a lot of incentive to finish above the median. Finishing above the median is always my goal and the pint glass just added to my resolve. This very well may be the best race ever.

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