Saturday, December 18, 2010

Only A Fool Learns From His Own Mistakes

I usually don't learn from my mistakes.

I went to spinning this morning. I have mixed feelings. It is a good workout. The instructor is very motivational; I guess last Saturday someone had chest pains and had to go to the hospital. Kelly is a good instructor in the same way a good interrogator can get people to admit to stuff they didn't even do.

Let me recap December. Two weeks ago I went to spinning and was disgusted by the cesspool of humanity around me and vowed to stick to riding trails on the weekends.

True to my word, last Saturday I rode outside. It was so cold my CamleBak froze and my snot covered mittens slipped off the bars. I smacked the ground so hard I thought I broke a rib because it hurt to breathe; coughing almost made my knees buckle. I think I'm OK; I can breathe now without wincing, pretty much.

Thursday I went to spinning again. As I was leaving Jim called. Jim was my auto shop partner in high school and is now my occasional hunting buddy.

Me: "Hey Jim."

Jim: "What are you up to?"

Me: "Just finished a spinning class."


Jim: "You're taking a spinning class?"

Me: "Yeah, not real manly but too much snow to ride outside."


Jim: "Seriously?"

Me: "And it's dark before I get home from work.  So what have you been up to?"

Jim: "Like, do any other guys take that class?"

Me: "A few, mainly fit women. Has Brandon had a wrestling meet yet?"

Jim: " you take the class just to meet girls because dude, you really need to get laid."

Me: "That's not really how I look at it, it's good exercise that's all. Done Christmas shopping?"

Jim: "I'm getting concerned..."


Jim: "Are you making a rug? Bro, you're turning into a chick."

Me: "What the hell does that even mean?"

Jim: "Right, that would be weaving."

Me: "Wait, not spinning like making yarn, spinning is an aerobics class where you use stationary bikes."

Jim: "That's not much better Neil."

After spinning this morning I went to Target to get Allie a new Caboodle for her makeup.  Maybe I am becoming a chick.


  1. Hi,

    Greetings from the UK
    I have just linked to your blog.
    Great intro by your Daughter on the video.
    I will drop by again.

  2. Thanks Trevor. I'm just stunned that anyone from across the Atlantic even knows about the race across America.

  3. I started going to a spinning class on a regular basis the year I began riding...I lived blocks from the gym & would rather spin after work than ride a trainer in my basement.
    Anyway, the instructor played the worst music imaginable.
    So, I got my instructor certification, made a few badass mix cds (this was before the ipod era) & took over the spinning program.
    I spun myself sick that year...I spun til the day I went into labor with my son.
    I don't think I can ever "spin" again...but, it does have its place.

  4. What is it with the typically poor selection of spinning music. I mean, I feel self conscience enough as it is then they play Let's Go Girls by Shania Twain or It's Raining Men by the Pointer Sisters or someone. Really?