Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today was beautiful. I was overcome with the desire to play hooky, but it was just not practical. I had meetings to go to, spreadsheets to fill in, cars to build. I went to meetings and filled in spreadsheets and built cars and came to terms with the reality that I would end the year with two weeks of unused vacation days.

Cindy called and said she was taking Emilie to the hospital because Em was having chest pains. My heart broke. Em removed her sticky little EKG pads and turned them into finger puppets.

The physician's assistant came in. She was younger than me. This is getting common but still makes me uneasy. She told me Emilie's X-rays were "unremarkable". Uh what? She repeated, slowly, and clearly, as if I were deaf or just dumb: "UN-RE-MARK-ABLE". No, I have a pretty good grasp of the English language, just an odd word to choose. She could have said "normal" and saved us both 10 seconds of our lives. She apparently does not have kids because if she did, she would understand that there is nothing unremarkable about our own children. It was just a virus in Emilie's rib cage, fairly common I guess. She gave Em a shot in the butt and sent us on our way.

I took Em home, snuck back into work before the next meeting, sped through my emails like Evelin Wood, and no one noticed I was ever gone. I left work on time, which is seriously frowned on ever since GM went bankrupt, and made it to the MMBA group ride tonight.

I was dropped, even worse than last week. First by the fast riders, and then by the Fred's, and then I was on my own. Seems my twice a week training plan still isn't yielding the results I was hoping for. Apparently one must start off with some type of athletic disposition for it to work. It's unfair, that's all.

I haven't been riding but that's not to say it has been a bad season. Spending a Sunday at a cider mill is hardly a harsh sentence. Watching the kids grow up is nice. I'm looking forward to Iceman. Riding can wait.


  1. You doing that silly Iceman race again? I need to get out for that someday....

    The twice a week plan worked for me for up to 1.5 hours. After that I was screwed. The nice change for this year was waiting until May to ride more than twice a week, and then bumping it up a day or two. I still get my butt wiped by the big boys, but it's good enough for "holding my own" with the fellow hacks.

    I'm with you about watching monkies grow up! Mine have been out of town for a week, and I'm starting to get sad.

  2. Matt, I was copying your training plan (just without out the intensity). Congratulations on the Vapor Trail 125, mighty impressive.

  3. You can always ride another day....but you will never get back those days you miss with the family. At least you are comfortable with your position.same as me....watching the pack drift away.....

  4. Oh...ang glad Em is okay....however unremarkable that may be....there is a reason she is an assistant....and not the Doctor.

  5. If the physician's assistant said something about the xrays...wasn't THAT a remark? ;-)

    Glad it was good news!

    Great picture!!!

  6. Thanks Sean.

    Ok Mary, if she couln't take her remark back, would her remark then be unremarkable? But since she remarked twice, didn't she re-remark?