Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Entry

I don’t quite understand blogging, either reading blogs or writing them. I am going to use this more as a way to document my quest to place in a 40-49 Expert Mountain bike race. I have been racing for 13 years so I fully realize how unrealistic this is. I am an average person with unexceptional athletic abilities. I was in a nasty car accident on the way to the Boyne State Championships in 1998 that left me with less than full use of my right leg. But I am motivated. I averaged 177 BPM at the Iceman. What I lack in natural ability I make up for in sheer will. That has gotten me to the Expert class. Now to get a top 5 finish.

I am a father, husband, GM Engineer, and bicycle racer, in that order. The first three parts of my identity do not always lend themselves to the last.


  1. Zen - First off, GOOD LUCK! Secondly, which specific race are you targeting for your big breakthrough? It always helped me to aim for a specific event. Bob

  2. Wow, that was fast. I never considered blogging until about 5 minutes ago. I do have a carful plan to peak for three races this year, on 4/19 (Yankee Springs TT), Boyne Marathon on 7/11 (where I broke my femur, kind of a pilgramige now) and the Boyne State Championships in September. Thank you for the comment Bob.